Entrepreneurs from The Ministry

For Entrepreneurs from the ministry

Projects implement under this ministry provides assistance for entrepreneurs now and again. Fisheries subject knowledge and equipment are provided for self employments. For example: Providing necessary knowledge and equipment for ornamental fish farmers, milk associated products, rice producers, for such enterprises , providing required training and chicks for free poultry farming and providing equipment and training for local food producers. Trade fairs have been organized from time to time by the ministry to encourage the entrepreneurs. Attitude development programmes have been arranged by this ministry in order to direct the unemployed people for self employments. It is expected to create a market for agro products in the area through constructing the economic center at Medawachchiya. Various income generating programmes have been initiated under Agricultural Development Cooperative Societies.

Required facilities for the development of businesses run by small scale entrepreneurs are being provided through the majority of programmes implemented by the provincial department of agriculture and department of animal products which are under this ministry. For example: Providing required knowledge, technology and equipment for the entrepreneurs who are engaged in value adding agro businesses. Providing training opportunities for the people who are occupied in businesses related to plant nurseries and providing necessary guidance in respect of market for the entrepreneurs who are dealing with economic agro cultivations, bee culture (apiculture), mushroom farming and at the same time valuable services for milk associated products manufactures are also being provided by the provincial department of animal products.