Organizational background of the Ministry

Ministry of Agriculture, Argo Products Marketing, Animal products & Animal Health, Fisheries and Housing Affairs.
North Central Province

Organizational Background of the Ministry

The Ministry was established to form the policies connected to different subjects assigned to provincial councils through provincial council system set up in order to decentralize the powers under Provincial Council Act No: 47 of 1987 in terms of the 13th amendment to the constitution. Accordingly development programmers suitable for the area to serve up the community in North Central Province are implemented by the ministry. In addition to the agricultural subject, ministry act as the basic operational and monitoring unit for the subjects of animal products and health, women’s affairs and provincial council affairs. Development measures are designed mainly on agricultural products and enhancing the productivity, marketing of agricultural products and technical development, improving the industries associated with agriculture as key development strategies. Assistance of the governmental, nongovernmental and semi governmental institutes is obtained in executing the process. Development programmes are implemented through the main components of improving the production and productivity of livestock sector as well as the animal health and boosting the institutional capacity of North Central Province related to animal products and health subject.

Under the women’s affairs subject put into operation under this ministry focused on freeing the women from poverty who are dedicated in developing the country and entrepreneurship development programmes are designed for the empowerment of rural women economically and socially.

In connection with the provincial council subject, coordinating actions are carried out by the ministry.

Presently, Hon: R.M.P.B.Rathnayaka holds the portfolio of Minister of Agriculture, Argo Products Marketing, Animal products & Animal Health, Fisheries and Housing Affairs and the administrative section is functioned under the supervision of Mr. Sirimewan Dharmasena as the secretary to the ministry and currently the cadre of the ministry is as follows.

Designation  Approved Cadre Available Vacant
Secretary 01 01 00
Asst: Secretary  (Admin) 01 01 00
Asst: Secretary  (Planning ) 01 01 00
Asst: Secretary  (Finance ) 01 01 00
Administrative Officer  01 01 00
Development Officer 37 27 09
Management Assistant I, II ,III 17 14 03
Fisheries Extension Officer 01 01 00
Driver 05 05 00
K.K.S. 05 04 01
Circuit Bungalow Keeper  01 01 00
Circuit Bungalow Keeper Attendant 01 01 00
Sanitary Labourer 01 01 00


In terms of vision of this ministry “Prosperous Agricultural Land” the role of the ministry is to be the pioneer of the province while being the facilitator and active moderator of creating an affluent agricultural land accomplished with creativity over the resources available for it and to generate a proud farming community with high living status through preserving and inspiring characteristic and historical cultural uniqueness of North Central Province.

Accordingly, satisfying the requirements of the community and the development process in a friendly manner through perfect coordination to supervise the available resources productively in the fields of Agriculture, Agro products marketing , Animal products and Health as well as Fisheries and Housing affairs with accurate planning designed as per the provincial policies set up parallel to national policies for a sustainable development to register the contribution of the community in this province for national development is also comes under the role of this ministry .

Principle component of the work plan of this ministry is to compile the provincial policies pertaining to the subject of the North Central Provincial Council Agricultural Ministry. In the process, identification of development programmes in terms of the designed policies and preparation of project proposals accordingly and getting the approval and implementing such programmes and evaluating and recognizing the weak points and introducing remedial issues and uplift the socio economic condition of the farming community in the area also included in the role of the ministry. Moreover, preparation reports applicable to the scope of duties of the ministry and producing the same for respective institutes is also come under the responsibility of the ministry.
Further, recommending and forwarding the development proposals prepared by the departments of this ministry as per the provincial policies for approval and monitoring the progress of such programmes are also among the prominent duties of this ministry.

All the coordination activities related to financial requirements of this ministry as well as the departments come under this ministry and accurate maintenance of accounts and payments and auditing and monitoring of the departments of the ministry and assuring the proper function of procurement procedure of the ministry and all the establishment duties including transfers manner in which motivating the staff and monitoring actions are also included in the role of the ministry.

Long Term Objectives
Adhering to the traditions and modern technology of agriculture and uplift the harvest and production accordingly and boost up the living status of training community who are 80% of the population and assuring the security through sound evaluation of the contribution of women for national development.

Short Term Objectives

Securing and highlighting the local traditions at national level and achieving long term long objectives accordingly and in the process integrating the interconnected programmes between the ministry and respective departments, designing and preparation of policies and methodologies.

1. Formalizing the organizations of farmers for agricultural activities in North Central Province through Agricultural Products Marketing Societies (APMS) initiated in year 2009. Establishing the circulation loan scheme and conducting awareness and training programmes for the society officers regarding the scheme.
2. Presenting the benefits of the development programmes designed by the ministry and the department to beneficiaries through Agricultural Products Marketing Societies (APMS).
3. Giving priority to local crop promotion and spreading out programe.
4. Preparation of short term programmes to pass the knowledge, skill development, modern technology and crop technology to farmers swiftly and easily.
5. Development of strategies to ensure the maximum contribution of women farmers in agriculture and animal husbandry sector to register them in national development process.
6. Obtaining the assistance of private sector in middle and large scale agricultural investments.
7. Implementation of marketing value increasing system for agro productions.
8. Introduction of priority, value adding and milk requirement evaluation programmes in North Central Province.
9. Organization of provincial level programmes of ministry and department in an integrated manner for a formal operation and database system.
10. Evaluation of women’s contribution and entrust the due responsibility for them in development process.
11. Development of local food promotion technology and enhance the consumption.